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Tru-Trac Conveyor Tracking Rollers

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Tru-Trac Rollers (Pty) Ltd. is the leader in providing solutions to problems experienced with the tracking and aligning of conveyor belts. We supply a full range of self-aligning conveyor idlers for tracking both the return and load-carrying side, from slow moving conveyor belts, reversible conveyor belts all the way through to high-speed, high-load conveyor belts.

Tru-Trac® conveyor trackers are designed around our Patented and Proven Technology which really does work. This is backed-up by our Worldwide distribution & support network. Tru-Trac® is reliable, maintenance free, operates in all conditions and is simple to install.

Our product superiority stems from the fact that we are we are the only company in the world specializing solely in conveyor belt tracking technologies.

The bottom line is that Tru-Trac® will save you money by protecting your conveyor belt, improving safety and enhancing productivity. Contact us to utilise our unique knowledge and expertise to solve your conveyor misalignment problems.

Tru-Trac® - Make conveyor belt misalignment a thing of the past!

Conveyor Tracking Rollers
Tru-Trac Flat Return Tracker Tru-Trac Dual Return Tracker
Tru-Trac Flat Return Tracker
For the alignment of the return side of the conveyor belt. The Flat Return Tracker roller employs a unique and highly effective tracking action, which is non-damaging to the conveyor belt and kicks-in immediately if the conveyor belt begins to drift off centre.
Tru-Trac Dual Return Tracker
For the alignment of heavy duty conveyor belts. The Dual Return Tracker roller was developed to accommodate the excessive force encountered with wide conveyor belts and heavy loads.
Tru-Trac Trough Tracker Tru-Trac Food Grade Tracker
Tru-Trac Trough Tracker
For the alignment of the load carrying side of the conveyor belt. The Trough Tracker roller was specifically developed to accommodate the load-carrying side of the conveyor belt. Obviously, due to the throughed nature of this side of the conveyor belt, a different tracking configuration was required.
Tru-Trac Food Grade Tracker
Tru-Trac Food Grade Tracker roller is designed and proven for training lightweight conveyor belting in the food and material handling industries.

Conveyor Scrapers
Tru-Trac Scraper Skalper Tru-Trac Scraper Super Skalper (Heavy Duty)
Tru-Trac Scraper Skalper - Conveyor Belt Scraper
Our newly enhanced Tru-Trac Skalper series of conveyor belt pre-cleaners have been installed and have solved carry-back problems all over the world. The Simple and high effective Skalper belt cleaner removes carry-back effectively and efficiently.
Tru-Trac Scraper Super Skalper
The Tru-Trac Super-Skalper conveyor belt pre-cleaner can tackle the toughest
Carry-back applications. The massive blade provides carry-back removal for high-
Speed belts, large head pulleys and large sizes and volumes of material, typically.
Tru-Trac Scraper E-Z Skalper (Underground) Tru-Trac Scraper Razorback
Tru-Trac Scraper E-Z Skalper
The Tru-Trac E-Z Skalper conveyor belt pre-cleaner provides effective carry-back removal for Underground Mining. The patented blade is designed for removing high volumes of material and for quick and easy maintenance.
Tru-Trac Scraper Razorback
The Tru-Trac Razor-Back secondary belt cleaner features tough self-adjusting replaceable tungsten carbide blades (The cartridge blade system allows for easy blade change-outs) for extremely effective belt cleaning.
Tru-Trac Scraper Toro (Reversible) Tru-Trac Scraper V-Plough
Tru-Trac Scraper Toro
The Tru-Trac TORO secondary belt cleaner is a effective flexible secondary belt cleaner suitable for Reversing conveyor belts. The cartridge blade system allows for easy blade change-outs.
Tru-Trac Scraper V-Plough
Tru-Trac Hinged V-Plough is designed to effectively keep material from becoming trapped between the pulley and the belt.
Tru-Trac Angle Plough Tru-Trac Inspection Door
Tru-Trac Scraper V-Plough
Tru-Trac Angle Plough discharges fugitive material to one side of the conveyor Tru-Trac Inspection Door Chute Inspection and Access Doors are a necessary part of any transfer point to allow safe inspection and access to maintain the belt cleaner systems.

Conveyor Belt Accessories
Tru-Trac Block Skirting Rubber Tru-Trac Impact Beds & Pads
Tru-Trac Block Skirting Rubber
"SPILLEX" skirt sealing system is designed to seal the skirt at the loading station of the conveyor. The segmented rubber blocks guided by the guide plate on one face and supported by serrated clamps plates on the other face ensure effective sealing to match belt profile.
Tru-Trac Impact Beds & Pads
"FRIFLO" Impact Pad is designed to absorb impact energy at conveyor loading station. The conveyor belt is supported on trough bed made of pads which have top layer of UHMWPE, middle layer of rubber and bottom layer of aluminium alloy.
Tru-Trac Idler Safe Guard  
Tru-Trac Idler Safe Guard
Safe-Guards prevent injuries from pinch points and will catch the return idler if it should fall.    

Surface Protection
Tru-Trac Platinum Tru-Trac Glass
Corrosion Protection

Tru-Trac Platinum provides superior surface Protection against; Dirt, UV light, insect soiling, acids, solvents, alkalis.

Corrosion Protection
Tru-Trac Glass provides a crystal clear Protective coating & cleaning for glass and mirror surfaces, both indoors and outdoors
Tru-Trac Hecta Tru-Trac Omega
Corrosion Protection
Tru-Trac Hecta is a highly concentrated alkaline, power Cleaner can remove the most persistent organic contaminations.
Corrosion Protection
Tru-Trac Omega is a highly concentrated acidic, power Cleaner can remove the most persistent inorganic contaminations.



  • Increase your production and reduce downtime
  • Greatly reduce damage to conveyor belt edges and structures
  • Increase conveyor belt life
  • Reduce spillage and wastage
  • Reduce labour allocated for clearing spillage
  • Reduce main motor power consumption
  • Improve your safety record


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Conveyor Roller, Conveyor Pulley, Conveyor Belt Roller, Conveyor Idler, Conveyor Belt Tracking,
Belt Tracking, Idler, Idler Pulley, Idler Roller, Troughing Idler