Tru-Rivet Hinge Pins are made of bare steel/stainless cable, nylon-coated steel/stainless cable, bare-armoured cable, and nylon-coated armoured cable. Pins are available individually. Careful consideration should be given to the proper selection of the hinge pin for each application.

Bare-cable or armoured-cable hinge pins are used when the pins need to be frequently withdrawn, or when the materials being conveyed are abrasive.

Nylon-coated and nylon-armoured hinge pins are used when the pins tend to be in place permanently. The loops of the belt fastener bite into the cover and lock the pin into position, aiding in the prevention of the hinge pin migrating outside the belt fastener.



     Hinge Pin Key:

Code: Material Type:
TF-SC Bare Steel Cable
TF-SSC Bare Stainless Cable
TF-NC Nylon-Covered Steel Cable
TF-NCS Nylon-Covered Stainless Cable
TF-AC Armoured Steel Cable
TF-NAC Nylon-Covered Armoured Steel Cable
TF-SC6 Bare Steel Heavy-Duty Cable
TF-NC6 Nylon-Covered Steel Heavy-Duty Cable
TF-NCS6 Nylon-Covered Stainless Heavy-Duty Cable
TF-AC6 Armoured Steel Heavy-Duty Cable
TF-NAC6 Nylon-Covered Armoured Steel Heavy-Duty Cable


Belt Width (mm)

Bare Steel Pins

Bare Stainless Pins

Bare Steel Heavy Pins

450 TF-SC-45 TF-SSC-45 x
600 TF-SC-60 TF-SSC-60 TF-SC6-60
750 TF-SC-75 TF-SSC-75 TF-SC6-75
900 TF-SC-90 TF-SSC-90 TF-SC6-90
1050 TF-SC-105 TF-SSC-105 TF-SC6-105
1200 TF-SC-120 TF-SSC-120 TF-SC6-120
1350 TF-SC-135 TF-SSC-135 TF-SC6-135
1500 TF-SC-150 TF-SSC-150 TF-SC6-150
1800 x x TF-SC6-180
Belt Width (mm) Nylon Covered Steel Pins Nylon Covered Stainless Pins Nylon Covered Stainless Heavy Pins
450 TF-NC-45 TF-NCS-45 x
600 TF-NC-60 TF-NCS-60 x
750 TF-NC-75 TF-NCS-75 x
900 TF-NC-90 TF-NCS-90 x
1050 TF-NC-105 TF-NCS-105 TF-NCS6-105
1200 TF-NC-120 TF-NCS-120 TF-NCS6-120
1350 TF-NC-135 TF-NCS-135 TF-NCS6-135
1500 TF-NC-150 TF-NCS-150 TF-NCS6-150
1800 x x TF-NCS6-180
Belt Width (mm) Armoured Steel Pins Armoured Steel Heavy Pins
450 TF-AC-45 x
600 TF-AC-60 TF-AC6-60
750 TF-AC-75 TF-AC6-75
900 TF-AC-90 TF-AC6-90
1050 TF-AC-105 TF-AC6-105
1200 TF-AC-120 TF-AC6-120
1350 TF-AC-135 TF-AC6-135
1500 TF-AC-150 TF-AC6-150
1800 x TF-AC6-180


Belt Width (mm) Nylon Armoured Steel Pins Nylon Armoured Steel Heavy Pins
450 TF-NAC-45 x
600 TF-NAC-60 TF-NAC6-60
750 TF-NAC-75 TF-NAC6-75
900 TF-NAC-90 TF-NAC6-90
1050 TF-NAC-105 TF-NAC6-105
1200 TF-NAC-120 TF-NAC6-120
1350 TF-NAC-135 TF-NAC6-135
1500 TF-NAC-150 TF-NAC6-150
1800 x TF-NAC6-180