Trough Load Tracker

A design pattern composed of two to eight Tru-Nails per fastener, allow for the fasteners to be clinched for maximum pull-out resistance — as the pilot nails do not cut the fabric, but divide it, and allow the rivets to slide between fill and warp yarns. The Tru-Nail is a compression fastener and, as such, does not rely entirely on the belt fabric for resistance to fastener pull-out.

Tru-Rivet Hinge Fasteners are used for major applications that require high strength and small pulleys. These include construction equipment, agriculture, wood products, and mining. Underground mining makes extensive use of these products for conveyors and structures that are extended or withdrawn in the course of mining. All fastener strips are sold one set per carton.


Selection Guide:

FASTENER SIZE Belt Thickness after Skyving (mm) Pulley Diameter (mm) Belt Rating EP (kN/m)
R2 3 – 10  127 60
R3 5 – 10 152 60
R5 5.5 – 11 230 80
R5½ 9.5 – 15 300 140
R6 10.5 – 19 450 175
RC8 10.5 – 19 450 265

R2 Tru-Rivet Fasteners

R2 Tru-Rivet Fasteners are used on belts from 3mm to 10mm thick and 60 kN/m.

R2 Tru-Rivet Fasteners make installation a breeze! You get an advantage over the 375 nut-and-bolt design, where holes must be aligned and punched before installation begins. Plus, the use of fewer rivets translates into additional material and labour savings. R2 rivet fasteners are available in both galvanized and stainless steel.

Belt Width R-2 Steel Rivet Fastener RS-2 Stainless Steel Rivet Fastener (Non-Magnetic)
450mm TF-R-2-45 TF-RS-2-45
600mm TF-R-2-60 TF-RS-2-60
750mm TF-R-2-75 TF-RS-2-75
900mm TF-R-2-90 TF-RS-2-90
1050mm TF-R-2-105 TF-RS-2-105
1200mm TF-R-2-120 TF-RS-2-120
1500mm TF-R-2-150 TF-RS-2-150


R3 Tru-Rivet Fasteners

R3 Tru-Rivet Fasteners are used on belts from 5mm to 10mm thick and 60 kN/m.

R3 Tru-Rivet Fasteners provide fast installation! Consider the advantages over 375 and 550 nut-and-bolt design, in which holes must be aligned and punched before installation begins. With the R3, there are 40% fewer Tru-Nails than with the larger R5 version. All this means material and labour savings.

Belt Width R-3 Steel  Rivet Fastener RS-3 Stainless Steel Rivet Fastener (Non-Magnetic)
450mm TF-R3-45 TF-RS3-45
600mm TF-R3-60 TF-RS3-60
750mm TF-R3-75 TF-RS3-75
900mm TF-R3-90 TF-RS3-90
1050mm TF-R3-105 TF-RS3-105
1200mm TF-R3-120 TF-RS3-120
1500mm TF-R3-150 TF-RS3-150

R5 Tru-Rivet Fasteners

R5 Tru-Rivet Fasteners are used on belts from 5.5mm to 11mm thick and 80 kN/m.


Belt Width R5 Steel Rivet Fastener RLC5 Low-Chrome Stainless Steel RS5 Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic)
450mm TF-R5-45 TF-RS5-45
600mm TF-R5-60 TF-RS5-60
750mm TF-R5-75 TF-RS5-75
900mm TF-R5-90 TF-RLC5-90 TF-RS5-90
1050mm TF-R5-105 TF-RLC5-105 TF-RS5-105
1200mm TF-R5-120 TF-RLC5-120 TF-RS5-120
1350mm TF-R5-135 TF-RLC5-135 TF-RS5-135
1500mm TF-R5-150 TF-RLC5-150 TF-RS5-150
1800mm TF-R5-180 TF-RS5-180



R5½ Tru-Rivet Fasteners

R5½ Tru-Rivet Fasteners are used on belts from 9.5mm to 15mm thick and 140 kN/m.

Belt Width R5½ Steel Rivet Fastener RLC5½ Low-Chrome Stainless Steel RS5½ Stainless Steel (non magnetic)
450mm TF-R5.5-60 TF-RC5.5-60
750mm TF-R5.5-75 TF-RC5.5-75
900mm TF-R5.5-90 TF-RLC5.5-90 TF-RC5.5-90
1050mm TF-R5.5-105 TF-RLC5.5-105 TF-RC5.5-105
1200mm TF-R5.5-120 TF-RLC5.5-120 TF-RC5.5-120
1350mm TF-R5.5-135 TF-RLC5.5-135 TF-RC5.5-135
1500mm TF-R5.5-150 TF-RLC5.5-150 TF-RC5.5-150
1800mm TF-R5.5-180 TF-RC5.5-180


R6 Tru-Rivet Fasteners

R6 Tru-Rivet Fasteners are used on belts from 10.5mm to 19mm thick and up to 175 kN/m.


Belt Width R6 Steel Rivet Fastener RLC6 Low-Chrome Stainless Steel RC6  Stainless Steel (non-magnetic)
600mm TF-R6-60 TF-RC6-60
750mm TF-R6-75 TF-RC6-75
900mm TF-R6-90 TF-RC6-90
1050mm TF-R6-105 TF-RLC6-105 TF-RC6-105
1100mm TF-RLC6-110 TF-RC6-110
1200mm TF-R6-120 TF-RLC6-120 TF-RC6-120
1350mm TF-R6-135 TF-RLC6-135 TF-RC6-135
1500mm TF-R6-150 TF-RLC6-150 TF-RC6-150
1800mm TF-R6-180 TF-RLC6-180 TF-RC6-180


RC8 Rivet Fasteners

RC8 Tru-Rivet Fasteners are used on belts from 10.5mm to 19mm and up to 265 kN/m.


Belt Width RC8 High-Chrome Stainless Steel (non-magnetic)
1200mm TF-RC8-120
1350mm TF-RC8-135
1500mm TF-RC8-150
1800mm TF-RC8-180
2100mm TF-RC8-210



Steel Conveyor Accessories uses special grades of high-strength steel that have been annealed for extra durability. These grades may yield 25 to 35% greater tensile strengths and have improved properties for long life and wear, compared to some steel fasteners. The R2 and R3 are made of galvanized coated steel, while R5, R51⁄2, and R6 are fully plated with a zinc “silver” luster to protect all surfaces of the metal.


Stainless Steel:

There are many grades of stainless steel, each having properties that enhance the service life of conveyor belt fasteners. CAI uses three different designations:

  • RLC is available for RLC5, RLC5 1/2, and RLC6 fasteners. This low-chrome material offers enhanced benefits over regular steel for wear and corrosion.
  • RS is the most non-magnetic grade, available for RS2, RS3 and RS5. All stainless rivets are made of 430 SS, which may exhibit some magnetic properties because of the mill rolls or dies that were used to produce the material, but this is typically not a problem for magnetic belt applications.
  • RC is high-chrome stainless plus nickel for high-wear areas and acidic conditions. The RC series is a non-magnetic solution which can also be used on belts that are exposed to magnetic elements in order to avoid materials clumping together and putting the conveyor system at risk.