Trough Load Tracker

Superior Secondary Belt Scraper system

The Tru-Trac® Secondary Razor-Back™ Scraper features tough self-adjusting replaceable tungsten carbide blades for extremely effective belt cleaning. Once you try the Razor-Back™ it will be the only secondary belt scraper you’ll ever buy again.


  • Abrasion Resistant – Tungsten carbide blades provide and maintain a great cleaning edge against the belt.
  • Impact Absorbing Tension Cushions – Tension each individual blade to the belt for a controlled and effective belt cleaning across the entire width of the belt.
  • Compact Design – Allows for an installation that requires less than 175mm clearance to be installed and maintained.
  • Quick Change Blade – Stainless steel pin blade change-out cartridge system is a one-minute operation.
  • Mechanical Splices? No Problem – The Razor-Back™ Scraper can be installed on belts with mechanical splices, due to the laid-back wiping blade angle and impact-absorbing tensioning cushions, allowing the mechanical splices to pass without damaging the belt scraper or the splice.
  • Also available with Spray Bar.
Trough Load Tracker