The beauty of the Tru-Trac ® Flat Return Tracker is its simplicity. The tracker is essentially made up of two parts: An inner, stationary drum, attached to a pin that allows it to pivot laterally, on exactly the same plane as the belt and an outer drum that rotates around the inner assembly. The outer drum is tapered towards either end, c towards either end, creating a slightly smaller diameter on the outside edges than in the middle.

As the belt begins to drift off centre it comes into contact with the tapered side of the tracker. As the belt runs over the smaller diameter of the tapered side, there is a change in force, causing the tracker to pivot forwards, which steers the belt back towards the centre. A major advantage of the Tru-Trac® Tracker is that its design ensures that trackers always finds the equilibrium between the forces on either taper, which occurs when the belt is running exactly in the centre. It does not rely on contact with the belt edge in order to guide the belt, instead the Tru-Trac® Flat Return Tracker activates automatically when the belt comes into contact with the tapers, to correct any belt misalignment.

The Tru-Trac ® Dual Return, V-Return and Taper Trough Trackers operate on exactly the same principles as the operate on exactly the same principles as the Tru-Trac ® Flat Return Tracker.

The Tru-Trac ® Trough Tracker is used to align the load-carrying side of conveyor belts. Applying Tru-Trac ® Flat Return Tracker principles of tracking in the horizontal plane, wing rollers were incorporated into the Load and Heavy Duty design to activate our standard central pivot system. The design ensures that no 90º contact with belt-edge occurs. As the belt moves off-centre the belt slides up the wing slides up the wing roll and thus causes the Tru-Trac ® to pivot on its internal pivot and steer the belt back to centre with minimum force.